Cardiac Surgery Centers In Greece

Cardiac Surgery In Greece

Greece is an ideal medical tourism destination for travelers who seek cardio/cardiovascular treatment, with many modern hospitals, clinics and qualified doctors who provide cardio/cardiovascular treatment with high success rates and affordable prices.

Many of the Greek doctors have been trained at major universities in the United States or the United Kingdom, therefore visitors from these can receive lower cost treatments knowing that the quality of care is the same as back home.

Cardiac Surgery In Greece

The medical staff at cardio clinics in Greece is recruited on the basis of strict eligibility criteria from a pool of accredited doctors enjoying international recognition. Strict eligibility criteria are also in place for recruiting the nursing staff who represent the backbone of quality hospital care.

All medical services are supported by an effective administrative structure which ensures high quality care with a series of updated methods, systems, as well as sufficient numbers of highly trained administrators.

Combining strict specifications and latest technology equipment, the Greek cardio clinics and centers are exemplary hospital units, comparable to the best in the sector abroad, a fact that gives patients and their families a sense of safety and security.

Cardiac Surgery In Greece

Cardio clinics in Greece

Cardiac Center
Address: 356 Sygrou Avenue, Kalithea
Zip Code: 17674 Town: Athens
Telephone: +30 210 9493000