Having the will to provide the highest quality of medical services and safety, we have established a highly sophisticated and luxurious Haemodialysis center in the district of Glyfada, in Athens, Greece conforming to all international standards.

NEPHROLIFE, is situated in the seaside idyll of the Athenian Riviera at the south western waterfront of the capital, 10km from the center of Athens and about 15km from Athens International airport in an area with a plethora of 5-star seaside hotels. Beautiful beaches, the Vouliagmeni Lake, important attractions such as the historical Greek Parthenon, Akropolis, the picturesque cobblestone roads of Plaka and endless options for fun are situated around the area or very closely. The unit is also well connected with public transportation.


The area is the best place for those who would like to combine relaxation and holidays. Nephrolife is just 2 kilometers away from Glyfada’s beaches and 10 kimometers away from the pristine waters of Laimos Vouliagmenis. A few miles away Sounion with the outstanding beaches, the great Greek tavernas, the sunset over the Aegean sea and loads of ancient ruins most importantly the Greek temple of Poseidon offers a unique opportunity for a day excursion.

Nephrolife can host people from all around the globe. High quality hospitalization, the warm and specialized personnel as well as practicality in dialysis patients’ and their family’s life makes everyone to feel like home.

As a top quality and high-tech equipped Dialysis Unit Nephrolife can offer all kind of hemodialysis methods from standard/normal Hemodialysis Treatment, High-Flux Hemodialysis to Online Hemodiafiltration (HDF) and Online Hemofiltration (HF).

The center provides:

  • 33 modern dialysis machines with a capacity of hosting 200 people following up the most advanced technology in the field of dialysis. The most sophisticated monitors, currently the last version of B Braun (Dialog+ Evolution) offer an innovative, efficient and optimal treatment.
  • HELBIO low-flux and high flux dialyzers of various sizes
  • A wide variety of fistula needles for safe and risk-free dialysis
  • In house specialized Department of Technical Services monitoring all new hemodialysis technologies
  • Specialized anatomical dialysis beds with a personal TV, set headphone equipment, as well as Internet stations
  • Water treatment with double reverse osmosis, UV lamp and constant microbiological control
  • A thorough sterilization of dialysis machines after every dialysis session
  • A reanimation room fully equipped with all necessary devices
  • Affiliation with Diagnostic Centers for urgent blood tests, urgent vascular access and all the necessary medical examinations according to doctor’s advice
  • A modern ambulance for transport to and from the Centre as well as for the emergencies
  • A company car offering transportation to and from the Centre
  • 24-hour contact with a doctor willing to cover any urgent needs
  • Experienced and expertise doctors and staff willing to offer their best for a successful and safe dialysis
  • A spacious private parking

    216675, GLYFADA, ATHENS
    Tel: (+30) +30 210 9638491-2-3
    Fax: (+30) +30 210 9638361
    Web site: