Rontis HD Dialysis Unit

Driven by innovation

A subsidiary of leading Rontis Hellas corporation (former Medispes S.A.), Rontis HD Dialysis Unit has been operating out of Loutraki in Corinthia (Southern Greece) for a decade.

Rontis HD Dialysis Unit was founded by knowledgeable and sensitive people intending to serve the undeniable right of renal patients to carefree, quality and safe holidays in a cultural and cosmopolitan destination such as the coastal town of Loutraki. Rontis Dialysis Center combines reliable treatment services with cutting-edge accommodation infrastructure.


Modern and luxurious installations offer top quality services and care. Patients and their escorts can relax while listening to in-house music or watch TV at the Center’s comfortable, air-conditioned waiting hall.

Knowing the actual needs of chronic renal failure patients, we offer high quality dialysis services guaranteed by Rontis Hellas and Fresenius Medical Care with the use of dialysis machines Fresenius 4008B and 4008S.

With patient safety first and foremost in mind, the Center takes all necessary precautions and measures including:

  • Water purification and reverse osmosis systems (natural Loutraki spring water is used)
  • Disposable Low Flux and High Flux filters
  • Cleansing and sterilizing machines between patients
  • Separate unit for Hepatitis B patients
  • Central oxygen supply available to each dialysis position
  • Generator for power outages
  • Emergency unit and private ambulance available 24 hours a day
  • Nephrologist (kidney doctor) on stand-by at the Unit throughout the dialysis process, available on a 24-hour basis whether for simple advice or emergencies. Additional support by expert cardiologist
  • Expert, polite and skilled nursing staff specializing in dialysis, undergoing continuous training by RONTIS
  • Scientific interaction with the General Hospital in the city of Korinth
With the coastal town of Loutraki as a spring-board, this is a fine opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty and visit all historic monuments found in Corinthia and the wider area of the Peloponnese in Southern Greece.
  • Sightseeing tours to various places
  • Thermal Springs
  • Pristine beaches
Rontis HD accepts EHIC cards (Form E111) for dialysis services payment.

Information – Reservations

For reservations or inquiries, please contact the Admin Office at Rontis HD Center 27440 69520 Fax no. 27440 69423


Palaia Gefyra Loutrakiou
20300 Loutraki
Tel.+30 27440 69520-1
Fax. +30 27440 69423
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