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The Chronic Hemodialysis Unit "EFTYCHIOS PATSIDIS" was founded in 1982 on the grounds of "Sapka" Clinic. In January 2003 it relocated to own installations near the regional highway of Trikala. Realizing the needs of renal patients, in April 2008 our services were extended to the prefecture of Karditsa, Kampos Municipality, covering a particularly sensitive area for renal patients.

The Chronic Hemodialysis Unit "EFTYCHIOS PATSIDIS" at Kampos Municipality is located in the heart of Thessaly, on the major road axes, easily accessible from many areas of neighboring municipalities.


Medical Care

The Chronic Hemodialysis Units "EFTYCHIOS PATSIDIS" have latest generation technological equipment combined with strict enforcement of stringent hygiene rules for the best possible dialysis quality. · Fresenius dialysis machines · Polysulfone filters high flux and low flux · Water treatment with reverse osmosis · Sterilization of equipment after each shift The patients are monitored by a well trained nursing and medical staff with long experience in hemodialysis procedures.


The facilities housing the Chronic Hemodialysis Units "EFTYCHIOS PATSIDIS", in addition to the hemodialysis area, have dressing rooms, a lab, a short-stay patient room, as well as a waiting area featuring a canteen. Each dialysis chair is equipped with its own television, radio and telephone. For more privacy there is a VIP dialysis room.

Patients with Hepatitis B and C are treated in separate areas, with separate machines, using separate hygiene facilities. All patients are served a light nutritional snack during dialysis.

The Chronic Hemodialysis Unit "EFTYCHIOS PATSIDIS" in Larissa is supported by the General Clinic "EFTYCHIOS PATSIDIS"; the dialysis unit located at Kampos Municipality is supported by the General Hospital of Karditsa.

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