Recovery and Rehabilitation Center of Thessaloniki

Anagennisi Recovery and Rehabilitation Center of Thessaloniki is engaged in providing recovery and rehabilitation treatment services to patients with any kind of movement disorders, at its day case treatment unit or the hospitalization unit. Movement disorders may be temporary or permanent, caused by chronic or non – chronic diseases. Special therapeutic programs are constructed for each patient individually, depending on the given circumstances of each patient's state of health since causes of physical disabilities can vary, while the very nature of the same type of disability varies from patient to patient: movement disorders as a result of pathological or surgical causes, speech or swallowing disorders, strokes, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, orthopedic disorders during the postoperative stage, multiple sclerosis, nervous and muscles systems disorders, musculoskeletal disorders such as osteoarthritis, rheumatic diseases, spinal diseases, injuries, burns.

General view of the center
Hospital wing view

Anagennisi operates since March 2005 and over 6.000 patients have been hospitalized to date (November 2012), boasting the largest rehabilitation center in Greece, with capacity of 230 inpatients.

Our Centre is fully equipped with latest technology appliances, providing facilities commissioned to be functional during the hospitalization of the patients in order to assure a pleasant and effective treatment. The specially designed in-patient rooms, corridors and other public spaces, the well thought lighting structure of the areas with natural day light in every part of the building, the location of the Center and a specially designed exterior area, are all factors to contribute to a pleasant comfortable, friendly and cosy stay.

The therapeutic departments which operate under the supervision of the Medical Services work closely together to achieve the Center's goal of improving the patient's condition.

A variety of services is offered, each one within its specialty. Patients follow specific programs depending on their needs, their capabilities and their personal preferences, where the team of therapists evaluates the treatment process in a daily basis. Our experienced and specially trained staff in the field of rehabilitation contributes to the comfortable stay of the patients at the Centre, having other than the medical, the human approach too.

The Therapy and activities departments are the following:

Physiotherapy Department

  • Hydrotherapy – Therapy Pools
  • Fitness center for disabled with group activities in basketball court, table tennis, boccia, handball
  • Personal Fitness therapy with fitness equipment
  • Fully equipped physiotherapy center (electrotherapy, hot pads, etc.)

Occupational Therapy Department

  • Facilitation of everyday activities (A.D.L. – activities of daily living)
  • Cookery classes
  • Eating training in the dinning room
  • Upper Limb Rehabilitation
  • Software / Computer perceptual-motor training

Speech Therapy Department

  • Swallowing Evaluation
  • Logotherapeutic Evaluation
  • Training

Psychological Support Department

  • Handcraft class
  • Pottery class
  • Music class
  • Beauty class
  • Individual support programs

Social Services Department

  • Newspaper Team
  • Preparation for social reintegration after leaving the Center

The building infrastructure includes latest technology equipment and advanced systems: nurse call, call center and network data, centralized TV, air condition, specially designed lighting system, O2 generator and medical gases network. The infrastructures are monitored on a daily basis by the Technical Services that carry out planned preventative maintenance on all systems, based on the manufacturer's specifications, so as their efficiency is maintained at the optimum level.

Twin RoomTwin Room

Contact Info

Nea Redestos, Filothei, 57001, Thessaloniki, Greece
Telephone: +30 2310 805905

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Chapel in the surroundings of the building

Radiology lab

Promenade surrounding area

Group painting hall


Rear view of the building


Specialized devices for comfortable stay